Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cute Leprechaun Hat For St Pattys Day

                                                               (pics borrowed from google)

How cute are these???? Its a fun project you can sit and do with the kiddos...or do it yourself and surprise the kiddos on St. Patricks Day!!!  With some dabs of green paint, ribbon, and paper for embellishing, plus a handful of sweet eats, you can turn snack-size plastic bowls in a cute St. Pattys Day treat!

You need:

a.  Snack-size plastic bowls.
b. Green acrylic paint, a small paintbrush, and a small square of porous sponge.  You may use spray paint, however, the finish will be smooth, with some sheen.  The method of dabbing paint with a sponge results in a fantastic flocked appearance.
c. To decorate: green and yellow cardstock, 5/8″ black ribbon, 1/2″ double-sided tape, and a pair of scissors.

1. With your bowl upside down, paint the curved underside of the lip with a small paintbrush. Let dry. Paint a second coat.
2. Using a sponge, dab paint on the outside of the bowl to cover. Let dry; paint a second coat. Do not paint the inside of the bowl, since you will be filling it with food.
3. With the top of the lid facing you, paint the inner edge of the lid with a paintbrush. Let dry. Paint a second coat and let dry again.
4. Using a sponge, dab paint on the top of the lid. Let dry. Paint a second coat. Let dry. Do not paint the inside of the lid, since it may come into contact with food.
5. Measure the length of ribbon required by wrapping it once around the bowl and cutting accordingly. Affix double-sided tape to one side of the ribbon.
6. Remove backing from double-sided tape and adhere the ribbon to the bowl, close to the brim.
7. Using a pair of scissors, create a shamrock shape using green card stock and a 3/4″- x 1″-inch buckle using yellow card stock.
8. Use a little piece of double-sided tape or a dab of glue to adhere the shamrock and buckle.

Don’t forget to fill with candy! 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Hershey Kiss Rose Valentines

Supplies Needed 

- 1 package of Hershey Kisses
- Floral Leaves, with a stem (one for each rose)
- roll of Cellophane (I recommend red or pink if you go with silver Kisses, though, you could go with clear if you choose the colored holiday Kisses)
- 6" pieces of 12 gauge wire (You can buy these in 18" lengths, and cut each into three using a wire cutter)
- Green floral tape
- Scissors

1) Cut your cellophane into rectangles, approximately 7"x5". You will need one rectangle for each rose.

2) Take two Hershey Kisses and hold them together

3) Fold your rectangle of cellophane, matching opposite corners at the bottom, with the Hershey Kisses held tightly in the middle.

4) Take the excess cellophane from the right side and fold it over to the left, still holding the Hershey Kisses together in the middle.

5) Fold the excess cellophane from the left side over to the right side.

6) Twist the extra cellophane tightly to the right below your Hershey Kisses, this makes your "rose bud"

7) Still holding onto your "rose bud", place your wire "stem"

8) Using a piece of floral tape approximately 10" long, begin to tightly wrap the stem and the extra cellophane.

9) Continue wrapping until the "stem" is well attached to the "rose bud" and the extra cellophane is covered

10) Place your floral leaf where you would like it, and use another piece of floral tape to attach it, wrapping until the stem is completely hidden.

11) Tie on a cute little tag, and you have a one-of-a-kind Valentine to share

Make one or as many as you want.....give as a valentine or make a 12 and give a unique dozen of roses to that someone special or even use a centerpiece.


                                                     (imagine borrowed from google)