Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Despicable Me “You’re One in a Minion” Twinkie Valentines Day Craft

Ever want to give something other than candy for Valentines Day??? 
Here is a cute alternative and easy enough the kids can do it!! 
 And who doesnt love a minon?!?!

You will need twinkies, construction paper, tin foil, googly eyes, scissors, and tape to make these cute Minions!


First cut a rectangle out of blue paper and wrap it around the bottom of the twinkies to make it look like the minion’s overalls. 
Then cut a black strip of paper and tape it on the top to resemble their goggles,cut out small circles of tin foil and tape them to the black strip,add some big googly eyes and decorate the overalls , cut out some hearts from paper and write  “You’re one in a ‘MINION'”

(imagine borrowed from google)

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