Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tis the Season for Giving

With the holiday season in full swing we often stop to think about everything for which we are grateful for and you may find yourself wanting to do a little something extra to make a difference. There are lots of people...and places in need.

I invite you to check out Fahodie For Friends....their mission is to rescue children from poverty, abuse, and modern day slavery; and to enable and empower them with choices beyond the conditions and situation found in their present circumstances.  

Please join the I AM YOUR FRIEND revolution.  Together we can change the world and break the cycle of modern day slavery, human trafficking, and poverty.

Checkout Fahodie For Friends HERE  any amount is helpful whether its $5 or $500....and you can even choose where you want your contribution to go from the list below

Sponsor a child's annual education fees.  Education is the key to creating a real future for these children.

This is one of our most tender and heartwarming activities.  We invite you to donate to our rescue fund.  Please help us rescue children from slavery and highly abusive situations.

It is an unfortunate fact that all of the children and women we rescue are in need of medical treatment.  We invite you to donate to our medical clinic fund/project.  If you are a trained medical professional - we invite you to come to Ghana and volunteer your time and skills.  We promise the experience will change your life...
There is a critical need for an emergency shelter.  There are many children and women that need to be rescued for horrific situations.  Unfortunately, there is no place for these children and women to go to find a safe haven.  Please join us in building an Emergency Shelter Home so we can provide a Shelter to those who need it most.

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