Sunday, January 5, 2014

JDs Promotions...Offering Social Media Promotions

Opened a new store offering promotions for all online sellers, as well as promotions for blogs, facebook fan pages, personal websites, and  music promotions.

Promotions allow businesses to reach out to consumers using various forms of media, techniques and strategies to capture their attention. Promoting is a tool used to inform customers about the products and services you have to offer. Just as a brick and mortar business owner has to advertise their business an online seller needs to do the same thing.  

As a result of promotion efforts, customers are informed about new products and reminded about existing products. Social media is the number one way to get your items out there. 

The use of social media helps to bring more visitors to your store and the more visitors that find your store  your chance of getting a sale increases!!!

I have about 12 different places that I promote  items on …I figure the more places I can get your items in the better chance of getting seen….many of these places actually post the picture of your item which is a plus!!! Plus many of my followers retweet, and repost my items on their boards/pages which then gives you even more exposure.

ALL of my followers on EVERY single site I use are followers I have earned… many people purchase their followers to try to impress people with their numbers, which is pointless, as many of the accounts they purchase are not REAL people…. I have worked hard to build up my following on all the social sites I use..these are REAL people with active accounts…that follow me because they have an interest in what Im promoting…and that's the real key to getting your items seen and getting real buyers to your store.

I am also offering promotions for all the people trying to get their music heard. I will promote your music on 2 twitter accounts, facebook, google+ and pinterest. Working hard to get your music out there!!!

Checkout my promo packages at

JDs Promotions....working hard to get you seen!!!!


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