Monday, June 18, 2012


Its a Christmas in July sale happening the whole month of July....and you are going to love the sales. Ive made it easy for you .  I've listed everyone involved in the celebration and the special discounts they are starting July 1st going through out the whole month come join us and load up on great items and enjoy the huge savings!!! 15%
gifts,Radko Ornaments,collectibles 10%
Swarovski, Coach and Fashion Jewelry 15%
Childrens Clothing,Office,Home Products
Vintage, collectibles, Postcards 15%
Christmas, Tonner dolls, collectibles 20%
clothing, cosmetics, jewelry 20%
Collectibles, T-shirts, Disney 15%
Vintage,Collectibles,Art 40%
Jewelry & Loose Gems 25%
collectibles,greeting cards,gifts 15%
Vintage,Christmas,Handmade 30%
Household Items, Clothing and Gifts 20%
Vintage Collectibles, Pottery & Glass 15%
Coach, housewares, books free shipping
general store 15%
Cookbooks, zippos, books 15%
Handmade Soap, Soy Wax Tarts, Magnets 15%
Collectibles, vintage jewelry, silver & silverplate 15 %
ACEO Art,Christmas Decorations, Books 20%
Books, Collectibles, Pottery & Glass 30%
Cookbooks, Cook Books and more Cookbooks 20%
Glassware, Collectible Glass 15%
Music boxes, books, decorative china plates. 15%
Collectibles, Goth, Miscellaneous 10%
plush stuffies, children movies 10%
games,patterns,puzzles, movies 10%
VintageClothing,Shoes, Handbags, 10%
china,collectibles, Pottery, 20%
Cookbooks,CraftPatterns,Handcrafted Items 10%
Dolls,Clothing,Gifts,Stitchery Kits. 10%
Collectibles, Wall Display, Renaissance 20%
Books, Crafts, Toys 20%
Collectibles and Jewelry 15%
Books, Sheet Music 15%
Books, Sheet Music 15%
Home,Yard Decor,Accessories,Collectibles 15%
Books, Collectibles, Patterns 20%
Collectibles,Jewelry 20%
Childrens, Craft & Cookbooks 20%
Collectibles, Jewelry, Books 20%
Handmade Angels, Jewelry, Collectibles 25%
Handmade Jewelry 20%
Collectibles,jewelry, metal art,deco eggs&egg jewelry,craft supplies 10%
inside the Home, Books, collectibles 10%
Inside the Home, Wristwatches, Clocks 10%
Collectibles, Home & Garden, Toys and Hobbies 10%
Inside the home, Blu-rays, Mens Fashion 10%
Candles, Indoor outdoor Lighting
Collectibles, Diecast, Knives 50% 15%
clothing, frames, bracelets 25%
Vintage,Collectibles,Music 20%
handcrafted gifts,books,variety 10%
Jewelry, Evening Bags, Wallets 25%
vintage, collectibles, stuffage 25%
musical related items 15%
Handcrafted gemstone jewelry 15%
Collectibles, Glassware, Pottery 17%
Custom Design Advertising Products, Health & Beauty, Lingerie 10%
Advertising Opportunities, eBooks, Everything Else 15%
Antiques, Toys, Vintage Collectibles 10%
Gold Canyon Scented Candles 10%
Advertising Opportunities, Everything Else 15%
Collectibles,Home & Garden 30%
Jewelry and Health &Beauty Products 10%
Home & Garden Decor, Books, DVD’s 20 %
Home Decor,Clothing,My Pillow Pets, Collectibles 10 %
Vintage Costume Jewelry, Antique Jewelry, Collectibles 25%
Cookbooks – Dining Table Decor 20%
health & beauty, jewelry, and toys 15%
Jewelry, Watches 25%
Vintage, Antiques, Collectbles, Music 20%
Crafts Vintage Glass Seasonal Items 15%
Household, Bulk Food, Collectibles 25%
Ladies Shoes size 10-14 25%
Hat,Handbag,Shoe Crafting Books and Magazines 25%
Craft Books and Magazines – Shower Curtain Hooks 15%
Collectible, Toys and Hobbies, Inside the home 45%
Toys Clothing Everything 45%
New Used Books 20%
Collectibles Toys Books 10%
Antiques, Collectibles & Kitsch. 15%
McCoy Collectables, Cedar,Cedar Christmas Signs 20%
Jewelry,Custom crochet,Accessories 35%
Handcrafted Pendants, Cat Collectibles, Women’s Fashion 15%
Toys,Hobbies,Collectibles,Diecast 10% % free ship
Clothing – Lingerie – Nightgowns 15%
Antiques, collectables, and Housewares 20%
Collectables Jewelry Toys 25%
Women’s Accessories for all Season, Collectibles 15%
soap, vegan, bath & beauty 20%
Books, Collectibles, Puzzles 10%
Concentrated Fragrance Oils 20%
Christmas,collectables and books
Antiques, Vintage Collectibles 15%
Antiques, Collectibles, Altered Art Assemblages 10%
collectibles, gift items, home decor 25%
painted glass, jewelry, photo cards 10%
collectibles, jewelry, vintage 15%
clothes, collectables, crafts
Neck Ties, Cuff Links, Christmas Ornaments 10%
Toys, toys, toys! 15%
Vintage collectables, books and needlecraft kits 25%
Soaps, health and beauty, fabric totes 15%
Christmas Shop, Books, Jewelry 15%
Clothing, Crafting, Art. 20%
Vintage, Collectibles, Eclectic 20%
children’s books, educational play, teaching materials 20%
Glassware, Depression, Collectibles 15%
Collectibles, Unique Items, Vintage 15%
Books, Movies, Cookbooks Free Shipping
Folk Art Prints * Craft Patterns * Wall Decor 20%
Gifts – Antiques – Vintage Items
Vintage Jewelry & collectibles, Postcards 15%
Books, Comics, Video Games 20%
Jewelry, Charms, & Treasures 25%
Jewelry, collectible items, original photos 15%
Pottery, ceramics, collectibles 25%
Kids Clothing and More 15%
Jewelry, Hair Accessories, Children’s Jewelry 15%
Supplies, Beads, Ribbon 15%
Handmade Items, Cards, Decor 15%
Vera Bradley, Fashion, Christmas Collectibles. 15%
Collectibles, children’s items, etc. 40%
collectibles, gifts for home, tarts 15%
Fashion jewelry,handcrafted jewelry, handcrafted magnets 15%
Collectibles, Books, Spiritual Items 15%
Christmas Ornaments, Handbags and Purses, Belleek China 10%
10% with discount code Christmas 10%
Stained Glass, Country Primitives, Handbags, Framed Prints 20%
Liboria’s Boutique ~ Shoes, Fashion, Vintage, and more 25%
Crafts, Jewelry, Vintage, Handmade, and Random Surprises 20%
Hawaiian, Ornaments, Collectibles 40%
clothing, decorations, toys 10%
candles 10%
antiques, collectibles, home & garden gifts 20%
Handcrafted Jewelry, Collectibles, Crafts and More 10%
Christmas specialty shoppe 10%
vintage antiques, collectibles, fashion 15%
Collectibles, pottery, figurines 10%
Vintage Kitchen, housewares, pottery 15%
Coffee Mugs, Shot glasses 10%
gifts, electronics, fashion 15%
cosmetic, beauty, Mary Kay free shipping
Exotic fabrics, jewelry and collectibles 30%
Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage 15%
Fine Gold Vintage Jewelry 15%
facebook, twitter, pinterest 10%
Whimsical Collectibles, Toddler, Lunch Bags 20%
Eclectic home decor, clothing, shoes discount prices
Tags, Supplies, Tag Accessories 20%
Jewelry, Vintage Items, Books 20%
Women’s clothes, girls clothes, mens clothes 15%
Collectibles, Fashion, Beauty Products 20%
Collectibles, Home Decor, Media BOGO
Collectible jewelry and more
collectibles, jewelry, fragrance 15%
Mary Kay Skin Care Cosmetics 15%
Music, books, fashion 15%
Collectibles,Birthday Supplies, Etc
Bridal jewelry, fashion jewelry 15% 5%
jewelry, collectables, crafts 15% off on all items $10.00 or more.
Colectibles 10%
Barbies, toys, collectibles 15%
Glass Art, Jewelry and Sandblasted Art 30% off items $10 & under
Fashion, jewerly, collectibles 15%
toys & hobbies, fashion, collectibles 10%
Vintage items, Cookie Cutters, Collectibles 20%
Vintage, paperbacks, Tattoo Art 15%
Hand-crafted Earrings 25%
Books,Magazines,Comics 25%-50% see booth for details
Handcrafted earrings, necklaces, bracelets 20%
Agates & Onyx Figurines
collectibles, fashion, jewelry 15 %
jewelry, glass, collectibles 25% (10% more repeat customer)
Handcrafted Jewelry Ornaments, Vintage Fashion, Jewelry 15%
Antiques, collectibles, memorabilia 15%
Antiques, collectibles, memorabilia 15%
Collectibles, Toys & Hobbies, Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop. 15%
gifts, food, memorabilia- OPEN 1ST WEEK IN JULY 10%
jewelry, handbags, accessories 15%
Sterling Silver Jewelry 15%
collectibles, housewares, handmade kitchen linens 15%
collectibles, tools, manly items 20%
Hand Crafted Jewelry 15%
Antiques, Collectibles, Pottery and Glass 10%
silver charms toe rings 15%
Books, Collectibles,Christmas Items 15%
Christmas Trees, Holiday Gifts, Jewelry & Shipping Supplies 15%
Clothing, Jewelry, and Promotion Packages. 25%
Fine, Vintage Books & Cottage Collectibles 15%
15% discount coupon on all the great items! 15%
15% discount coupon in Mountain Cottage Crafts! 15%
Collectibles, Antiques, Glassware 50%
clothes, bags, jewelry 10%
fragrances, skin care, cosmetics, beauty 15%
vintage, home decor and collectibles 10%
vintage, home/garden decor, collectibles 10%
Animal-themed home/garden decor and more! 25%
Lingerie, clothing, swimwear 15% + 10% more over $50 Purchase +freebies
Plus-size women’s clothing, vintage jewelry, tidbits 15% 15% 25%
Paperbacks,Craftbooks,Tapes – 20%
Handknits,Vintage,Collectibles – 20%
Vintage Crystal Art Glass 20%
Vintage Corning Ware Pyroceram, Vin Pyrex, Pfaltzgraff Low Prices
Quality & Custom designed Banners & Avatars 10% off
Collectibles, Antiques, Pottery & Glass 10% off
Collectibles – 10% off
Movies, videogames, art supplies 10% off
Toys, Dolls, and  vintage Christmas items 10% 10%
books, sheet music, home & garden Low Discounted Prices!
country,Stuffed horses,cowgirl,guitar pick jewelry 10%
vintage collectibles, books, and even some antiques 10%
embroidery, hair bows, accessories 10%
Handmade, Crafts, Kitchen
Happy Meal Toys & More 10%
Vintage, Hair Care, Collectables,funky stuff
Fashion & jewelry 15%
Bella Vista Boutique – Fabulous fashions from L.A.! 30%
Media and more 10%
antiques, collectibles, vintage jewelry 15%
Collectibles, Clothing, Jewelry 10%off one item 30%off 3 or more! 15%
Vintage, collectibles, toys, sewing, crafts, etc.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Looking for some great places to shop???

If you are like me and you love shopping then you will want to checkout these cool places I found...if you are looking for clothing, handbags, beauty supplies, jewelry, home and yard decor and so much more then checkout the great shops listed below!!!

Handcrafted jewelry, jewelry making supplies and more

Antiques and collectibles along with some rare hard to find items

Antiques, collectibles, and lots of Starbucks mugs

Lots of collectibles all with free shipping

Lots of China....some in sets and some sold as single pieces

Coach handbags, key chains and so much more
Collectibles, tart warmers, jewelry and more

Coach handbags, Tommy Bahama Clothes, Longaberger Baskets and more

Handbags and clothing from the past to the present

sewing, quilting and embroidery supplies

Customized clothing, shoes, hats and more

Children's books, puppets, CDs and more

Beautiful jewelry at affordable prices...all ships free

Affordable furniture for home and office

Health & Beauty shipping on everything

Handcrafted one of a kind bracelets 

Super low prices on namebrand clothing, scarves,shoes and more 

 oil paintings signed by artist and with certificate of authenticity

Health and beauty products as well as  collectibles and more

Handcrafted works of art made from glass

Great variety of items at super prices

Handcrafted beaded jewelry all free shipping

Cheapest Electronic Cigarette around

And while you are checking out places to shop don't forget my place

we have a variety of items plus offer promotional services for your website, online store, can page, blog or special event.

So now grab something to snack on...get a drink...sit back  and lets go shopping..and since you are saving  gas money that leaves you more to spend at  these great places!!!