Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What do you collect?

Do you have something that you collect...a hobby maybe..or just something you are very passionate about. For some it is a joy something they find satisfaction in finding that one last piece to make their collection complete. There are lots of shops on Bonanza that carry tons of collectibles or items of interest to many....here are just a few...check them out they may just have that item you've been searching for or maybe something that you would find satisfaction in starting to collect.

Art is always a very collectible item and is something that allows you to express yourself.....http://www.bonanza.com/booths/Studio_255

Photo Print Flower Yellow Black Framed framing picture


Art Photo Print Violin Black Framed framing picture


If Avon collectibles are your thing...check out what this seller has....http://www.bonanza.com/booths/queeniez71

Vintage Avon Hostess Blossoms Soap Dish with Soap

$20.00 OBO

Vintage Avon One, Two Lace My Shoe Bubble Bath

$20.00 OBO

Do you collect The Peanuts ...if so this is the booth for you...

Schmid Peanuts Snoopy Skater's Waltz Music Box Musical

$112.00 OBO

1982 Peanuts Snoopy on Reindeer Christmas Ornament

$90.00 OBO

and if you are looking to add to your collection of books heres a booth for you to shop.....http://www.bonanza.com/booths/jphendrix

Speak No Evil See No Evil Fear No Evil By Allison Brennan

$13.99 OBO

The Great Savannah Races 1908-1910-1911 Original Hardback

$99.99 OBO

For those that collect trading cards...here is a great booth....

Pokemon Card Pikachu 60/64


Danny Bautista & Sean Bergman Topps Rookie Card #768


If you collect old coffee/tea pots....theres a couple in this booth you could add to your collection.....http://www.bonanza.com/booths/jdsgiftshack

Vintage Aluminum Wearever Tea Pot

$7.00 OBO


$10.00 OBO

Whatever it is that you are collecting I bet you can find it at BONANZA

promoted by:http://www.bonanza.com/booths/jdsgiftshack

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