Thursday, February 24, 2011

Are you looking for quality used clothes???

If you are then shop Bonanza....there are tons of people selling quality used clothes at prices you just cant pass up....and most people are willing to accept best offers and will even combine what are you waiting for....lets go shopping....heres just a few people with great clothes to offer:
right now we are offering buy one get one for 50% off deals so come check them out!!
this booth has great prices on all clothes or you can fill a flat rate box for a low price!!
This booth also has great clothes to pick from and offers a fill a box for a flat rate!!
this booth is mostly NEW infant/toddler clothes but the prices are super!!

This booth is full of kids clothes at great prices buying them in lots!!
Looking for adult namebrand clothes...this is the booth to shop!!
Great selection of womens clothes in this booth!!
This booth is FULL of great clothes...and if you buy $ get 5% off!!


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